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J1010 hand power piercer
Model of the Wheat Flower ( Flower model):

1) Model of the wheat flower mounted on a base

2) The material is PVC
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Hand-pumping machine (1013):

1) Best quality ball, everlasting tube, and insulated base.

2) Guaranteed to produce large sparks for easy classroom demonstration.

3) ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Earth-sun-moon/planetarium model(physics instrument):

1): Item No: 342

2): It is a special teaching instrument that can visually reflect law of relative movement between Sun ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
The Demonstrator for Relationship Between Pressure and Speed Of The Fluid (teaching equipment):

1) Demonstration the relation between speed and pressure of the liquids. When ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Binocular zoom stereo microscope:



Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Established in 1979, Yuyao Shenma Teaching Instrument Whole Set Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of general teaching apparatus in whole sets and optical microscopes, as ...
Fetus development teaching model (BIological model):

1) Material: PVC body, plastic base with metal rod

2)Construction: Consists of 8 parts of the uterus, showing the ...
Min. Order: 50 Bags
Incubator ( Educational equipment ):

1) Eggs hatch into chickens.

2)37-38º C

3) 21 days hatched chicks

4) It is used for hatching eggs of chicken, duck and ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
teaching teeth model with brush/physics teaching aids model:

1) 3 dimensional PVC moulage and non-toxic colourants.
2) Model of teeth care. With one tooth brush. Size ...
Min. Order: 50 Rolls
Hourglass(Teaching instrument):

1) The Big hourglass can last 5 minutes

2) The Small hourglass can last 3 minutes
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Biological Microscope (XSP-53):

1: Packing information:
Net weight/set: 1.5KG
Unit package: Foam box

2: Picture:
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
The Expansion Model of Alveolus:

1) We produce and provide with all series of biological models for medical use and teaching use,

2) and all the models are made of PVC
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Biological Student Microscope (XSP-58):

1)Binocular head, 45° Inclined 360° Rotatable;
2)Total magnification: 40x-400x
3)Achromatic objective: 4x, 10x, 40x(S) ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Buoyant Effect Demonstration ( Educational equipment ):

1) Item No.: 2165

2) Material: Plastic
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Human Ear:

1) About 3 times life size model separates into the labyrinth with stapes, tympanic membrane with malleus and incus.
2) The vinyl plastic teaching aid is mounted ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Fuse Effect Demonstrator ( Educational equipment ):

1) It is convenient for student to simply and clearly understand the insurance effect of fuse and fuse selection principle. ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Model apple blossom(Flower model):

1) 3-dimensional plaster cast made of PVC and non-toxic dyes.
2)Size: 36*15*15
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Self-Induction Demonstrator ( Teaching equipment ):

1) It is used to demonstrate self-induction phenomenon between electrifying and cutting of the electricity supply, and ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
DNA molecule structure model/biological model:

1) the size of this model: Φ 20*64CM

2) Material: PVC
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Student Signal Generator (Lab equipment):

1) It consists of casing, control panel, internal components, and power cord and output electric cable. 1. Frequency range: ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Electromagnetic timer ( Educational equipment ):

1)The instrument record the movement of the objects in the paper, and we can see the regulation of the movement of objects from ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Telephone Principle Demonstrator ( Teaching instrument ):

1) The instrument is composed of microphone, earpiece and telephone transmission lines. Work rated voltage: DC6 - 8V.
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Capillarity demonstrator:

1) The instrument is composed of a plastic liquid tube base, capillary holder and five glass capillaries with different inner diameter.
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Biological Microscope 1600X XSZ-107BN:

1)45mm DIN achromatic objective:4x, 10x, 40x(s), 100x(s, oil)

2)Wide field plane-scope eyepiece:WF10X, WF16X;

3)Total ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Van de Graaff generator:

1) The power supply voltage: AC 220V;

2) The power consumption: 70w;

3) product volume: 300*200*600
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Student Monocular Biological Microscope (Xsp-01/ 02):

1) Achromatic objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x (s)

2) Eyepiece: H 10X H 12.5X / H10X H 16X

3) Monocular Vertical Tube, ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Primary coil:

1) This instrument is composed of the demonstrate primary coil, demonstrate secondary coil, soft core.

2) Primary coil′s inner diameter is 11 mm, outside ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces

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