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Current magnetic field demonstrator ( Teaching instrument):

1) It is used to observe magnetic field direction and magnetic field distribution of current magnetic field and ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Nine Planets Model (Educational equipment):

1 ) Material: Plastic and metal

2) This product can show the relationship of the nine planets.

3) Operation: With battery
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Magnetic Line Demo Plate(2445):

1) It is used to observe magnetic induction lines distribution shape and direction of permanent magnet in physics teaching.

2) Item No: 2445
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Aneroid barometer ( Educational equipment ):

1) It is used to measure atmospheric pressure in middle school physics teaching, meteorological stations and other departments.
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Renal Anatomical Models ( Teaching aids model ):

1) Item No: 33217

2) Material: PVC

3) size: 14.5*14.5*30 cm
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Student Microscope 400X (XSP-3A1)

1)Total magnification: 4X-400X
2)Eyepieces: WF10X
3)Objectives: 4X, 10X, 40X(S)
4)Vertical Monocular Head
5)Plan-concave reflector Dia40mm ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Pendulum group ( Educational equipment):

1) Item No.: 2209

2) It is composed of five pendulum and cycloid ball
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Solar Car ( Teaching instrument):

1) Material: Plastic

2) Two method to use: One is battery, the other is by solar
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Biological Student Microscope (XSP-3A3):

1) Magnification: 40X-400X

2) Eyepieces: WF10X

3) Eyespiece Tube: Monocular, 45 Inclined Tube, Rotatable 360

4) Objectives: 4X ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
The measuring equipment of the sun height:

1) The instrument is mainly used to measure the height of sun. It consists of protractor, angle indicator, hanging wire hammer, base ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Sound Propagation Demonstrator (Teaching instrumnet ):

1) It is used to demonstrate sound propagation in different mediums, such as air, liquid and solid, but not in vacuum.
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Biological Microscope 400X (XSP-40):

1): Achromatic Objrctive: 4X, 10X, 40X(s)
2): Plane-Scope Eyepiece: WF10X; Total Magnification: 40X-400X
3): Fixed Monocular Head, ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Small type electric motor model ( Teaching instrument ):

1) item No.: 2418

2) The starting voltage of the instrument: Permanent magnet 3 v; Excitation (series) of 4 v; ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
Teeth Model:

1) Material: PVC

2) Carton size: 16 pcs/ carton carton szie: 52.5*52.5*48cm
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
400X Biological Microscope (XSP-41):

1) 45° Inclined monocular head with locked-in eyepiece

2)Achromatic Objrctive: 4X, 10X, 40X(s)

3) Eyepiece: WF10X;

4) Total ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Horizontal projectile motion experimental instrument ( Teaching instrument):

1) This produce can accurately describe the orbit of horizontal object and measure initial velocity ...
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
The Brake Model ( Teaching instrument)

1) Item No.: 31038

2) Electric and hydraulic brake
Min. Order: 100 Pieces
400X Biological Microscope (XSP-51):

1) 45MM DIN Achromatic Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x(S);

2) eyepiece: WF10X;

3) Total magnification: 40X-400X;

4) Fixed monocular ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Three-Wire Electronic Switch ( Lab. Equipment ):

1) It can connect oscilloscope and display three signals waveform, be used in school class teaching demonstration and student ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Student Microscope (XSP-52):

1) 45MM DIN Achromatic Objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x(S);

2) eyepiece: WF10X

3)Total magnification: 40X-400X

4) Fixed monocular head, 45° ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Drying Apparatus (Laboratory instrument):

1) Rank cannulation drying machine is a new appliance for labs. It is widely used to dry the glass instruments in the labs of colle. ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Gears Group with Support (29008):

1) It is used to explain that the speed of working machine is adjustable as long as the ratio of tooth number on gears of working machine and ...
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
Solid expand demonstration(educational instrument):

1) Can be custom designed, custom packed, made to your target prices
Min. Order: 50 Pieces
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